Coconut Cold Brew Concentrate | 32oz

Coconut Cold Brew Concentrate | 32oz

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A Better Bottle:

Everything that goes into our coffee concentrate is vegan and gluten-free. While other big-box brands add unpronounceable ingredients, we're fully candid about our coffee.

Flavor Profile:

This cold brew is crafted from a Guatemalan medium roasted bean. To create the Coconut flavor, we infuse this cold brew with coconut extract and just a hint of turbinado cane sugar. It’s just the right amount of sweetness with a hint of coconut-y goodness! 

Best Way to Enjoy:

This is a Coconut flavored cold brew concentrate that makes up to 64 oz of ready-to-drink cold brew. Simply mix the concentrate with equal parts water or milk and enjoy over ice! You can adjust the amount of water, milk, or cream to your liking and create your perfect brew.

Locals Only:

At the moment, our cold brew is pickup or local delivery only.