How long will my online order take?



We ask that you order 48 hours before your preferred pick-up time. We keep a low stock of concentrate bottles on hand because we like to keep things fresh, so most of the time your coffee is made-to-order!

What is a "Concentrate"? 
Our Cold Brew Concentrate bottles are 32oz, but make up to 64oz of coffee. It's just stronger coffee that can be diluted with water or milk to your preferred strength! We recommend trying equal parts cold brew concentrate and water first, then adjusting to your preferred taste. 

Do your coffees have dairy added?
Currently all of our coffee bottles, including our flavors, are dairy and nut-milk free!


Are the flavored coffees sweetened?





Yes, but slightly! We use raw turbinado cane sugar to give the flavored coffees a hint of sweetness. There are about 11 grams of sugar in 8oz of flavored ready to drink coffee. Our unsweetened black coffee has no sugar at all!

Do they need to be refrigerated?



Yes. Our coffees are brewed cold and have no preservatives, so they should stay refrigerated.

How long do the Concentrate Bottles last?



For the best taste we recommend drinking your bottle within two weeks of pick-up. Trust us, it won’t stick around that long anyway!