Our Candid Story

For some shops, cold brew is a menu item.
For us, it’s our sole focus.

about our coffee company

Candid Coffee specializes in all things cold brew. You won’t find a single hot drink in our repertoire, and that’s exactly how we like it. Our goal is to create the best cold brew in the world – period – and send it to homes all across the country.

Candid Coffee delivers killer cold brew straight to your door. We’re a team of highly caffeinated, super passionate coffee roasters; after achieving local success, we’ve opened an online storefront to share our cold brew with you. 

Fun fact: Candid was founded by a husband-and-wife duo. One hot summer, Bryan and Megan Jenkins got tired of the watered down, weak cold brew and iced coffee found at their local coffee shops. So they set out to roast their own beans.

Their mission? To bring sensational cold brew into homes across America.

Today, Candid Coffee is your one-stop shop for all things cold brew. Whether you’re a fan of our premade kits (that make it super easy to DIY your own cup), our whole bean coffee, or our shiny new tap room, we’ve got something for even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.


Why Cold Brew?

You know that first sip of cold brew coffee that sends shivers up your spine? We’re committed to that feeling: the pep you need to start your morning, the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, the kick in the pants that keeps your evening going. Day or night, Candid is here to give you the smooth, strong caffeine boost you crave.


What Else Do You Sell?

Our top sellers are our convenient cold brew packs. They’ve received rave reviews; fans say they taste better than the coffee shop and pack a stronger punch than other at-home cold brews.

We also offer freshly roasted coffee beans (whole or ground) and specialty drinks. We’re always cooking up new flavor combinations, so be sure to check the store regularly.

If you’re in West Palm Beach, you can take home a half gallon of the good stuff through our new growler program. Speaking of which…


Can I Visit Candid Coffee?

Yes, we’ve got cold brew on tap! Those local to the Palm Beach area can visit us at Candid Coffee Tap Room; it’s a great way for locals to get their hands on our crazy-good cold brew. Our Tap Room is only open on weekends – the rest of the time, you can order our products via our website for convenient home delivery. 

If you drop by the tap room, you’ll also get to see Candice, our beloved roaster who makes this all possible. (Disclaimer: she is a giant piece of machinery, not a person, so she’s not a great conversationalist.)


Where Do You Deliver?

If you’re not in Florida, don’t fret; our speedy shipping reaches cities from Palm Beach, FL to Palm Springs, CA (and everywhere in between).

If you’re abroad, drop us a line for more information about international shipping.


Life is Brewtiful

Candid is the pursuit of a smooth, strong cup of coffee. Every product we stock is designed to kick your day off right or to keep you going through the night. If you’re looking to make cold brew better than the coffee shop, you’re in the right place.

Experience the Candid difference today.