Our Story

Candid Coffee, a book and a yummy dessert

Candid Coffee was founded by us, Bryan and Megan Jenkins. We are a cold-coffee loving couple from West Palm Beach, Florida. We started cold brewing our own coffee back in 2014. Since the weather is so hot in South Florida, we rarely reach for the hot stuff. But, cold brew takes between 16-24 hours to make, it’s messy, and we had to remember to make it in advance or we’d be disappointed in the morning.

Over our first anniversary dinner, we decided to make a change in our lives. We wanted to wake up and do something we loved - together. We decided to start a cold coffee brewery.

Simply Cold

Most coffee companies and restaurants treat cold coffee as an afterthought. We had to make our own, or settle for hot coffee watered down with ice. In 2018 we formed Candid to change that.

Candid is a cold coffee brewery that crafts delicious cold brew coffee for all of the cold coffee lovers out there. We blend high quality arabica beans with simple ingredients to create delicious cold brews.

Candid has a simple mission and it’s not about us, it’s about you. We do everything we do to support you and your aspirations. Our cold brews are ready to grab and go so you can be ready to do.