Where are the Cold Brew Concentrates?

Where are the Cold Brew Concentrates?

It was a good run, but things are changing. 

To all of you that purchased and subscribed, it means the world to us. The cold brew concentrates and local delivery helped keep Candid afloat over the past few months. There was two problems with the concentrates though. 

  1. There was a lot of waste with each concentrate.

  2. It was fresh, but it wasn't as fresh as it could be. 

After months of work, we have a better solution for at home cold brew. Enter the Candid Cold Brew Coffee Bags. 

Now, you'll be able to brew coffee fresh it home with very little waste. We took the guess work out of making good cold brew. It's already ground course and sealed inside special cold brew filters that absorb bitter oils and showcase the best flavors the cold brew has to offer. 

So, yes, it's the end of cold brew concentrate, but it's the beginning of fresher and less wasteful coffee.