West Palm Green Market - Did We Get in?

Many of you know that we started this Candid adventure last year at the Palm Beach Gardens Green Market.

It was a dream of ours to do something for ourselves and together. We agreed it had to be on our own terms, it had to bring us joy, and it had to be something that made people happy every day. Ultimately, we really do want to bring joy to people's lives, and coffee is something we feel can do that.

Our first goal was a pretty modest one.  We wanted to see if people liked our coffee as much as we did. 

We decided to reach out to the board of the Gardens Green Market and asked to be apart of it on August 13th of last year. We held our breath until we heard back on October 1st.

We got accepted! 

About a month later, on November 4th, we sold the first cup of Candid Nitro Cold Brew. It felt so great to come so far in such a short period of time. It was a lot of work, but the smile we got back made the past 6 months of work to get there more than worth it. 

As the market went on, it became clear that we needed to grow. The next logical step was to get into the West Palm Beach Green Market. 

It's the largest green market in Palm Beach County. We knew if we could get in there, we could definitely bring coffee joy to a lot more people. There was only one problem. In order to get in, you need to go in-front of a judges panel and be selected to participate. 

We filled out our application and then we waited.... and waited.... and waited. It probably wasn't that long in hindsight, but it felt like forever. We were excited to get the chance to go in front of the panel. 

We ultimately did get that chance and it was incredible. The judges asked pointed questions, reviewed and tasted our cold brew, and then let us know they would be in touch. I left in a whirlwind of cautious optimism.

We heard back on May 28th. We opened the email like it was a letter from a college admissions department. 

"Dear Vendor,

Congratulations! You have been conditionally accepted into the 25th annual West Palm Beach GreenMarket..."


We are so excited to bring our cold brew coffee down to the streets of West Palm Beach every Saturday morning. The market starts on October 5, 2019. We can't wait to see you all this fall!