Meet Candice

Meet Candice


Have you seen? Have you heard? 

After almost a full year, we got our roaster installed and operating at our new location. 

Many of you have been following us since our early days in 2018. Back then, Megan and I had a dream and a vision. We wanted to grow Candid into the company that we desperately wished already existed: one that was dedicated to cold coffee. Not just brewing it, but sourcing it, roasting it and elevating it. 

After all the hurdles we had to overcome, we are so proud to have our roaster operational. Since it will be such an integral part our our team we have have affectionately decided to refer to it as "Candice". 

Get it? Candice... sounds like Candid? 

In all seriousness, you'll be seeing a lot more of Candice. Together we are going to bring you all some seriously good coffee. 

If your itching to try some coffee now, we already have a couple options live in the store!